Fall Tapes

by Edward Joseph

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Edward Joseph’s first official release as a singer-songwriter. This self titled release embodies DIY recording techniques and all the innocence of a budding songwriter, set to intricate and heartfelt melodies and lyrics. While there might be room for improvement from a professional standpoint, this is still Edward’s strong first step into the music business.


released 02 February 2013



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Edward Joseph Massachusetts

A young guitarist from Boston with a hobby of writing songs.

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Track Name: Bailing Out The Boat
So let's see what I forget this time. So easy to let go of what I barely got a chance to hold. Welcome back you said to yourself under your breath, you stepped off that plane. To the comforting southwest, your sanctuary from the pain. What's not to love about that place? A different bar for every day. Everyone has got your back, knows exactly what to say. But in the end, you're barely afloat. constantly bailing out the boat. Drowning on your pride to survive. Could've had it all but I stopped at nothing. Wasted every chance that I had at something. A couple drinks and the walls were swaying, you were having fun but you wouldn't be staying. How is it I failed such a simple mission? Guess I couldn't meet all of your conditions. You weren't the things that you were portraying, I did all the work while you were playing.
Track Name: Sense Of Silence
You win, it's finally over now. I can't begin to tell you how long I've been waiting for this sence of silence. But I'm still doing my best to lay your memory to rest with something I deserve for all those years of pointless work. How many cities have I seen this year? With nothing to show for it. If I got away with robbing a bank, what would my problems be then? And I just wanted you to know, I'm gonna say I told you so, from the top of the world with you left behind. Consider this my last goodbye, to the mess you call your life. Good luck I hope you find everything you wanted for yourself.
Track Name: The Perfect Diversion
The sounds of evening fill my head. The insects break the silence. Across the lake a highway. Reminds us beauty's truly dead. How did I manage that one? What did you see in me? How could I be so stupid, and ask you to leave? In case of nervousness break glass, then fill one with bourbon, pour it on this noisy mind, the perfect diversion. Conversations fireside. Dancing to no music. I swear the trees danced with us. That forest was alive.
Track Name: Months Now
Where am I on your list of things started never finished? Guess I shouldn't complain, got a lot done in one day. Now we don't even speak. If I tried you'd ignore me. Where can I pick this up, or have we had enough? It's been months now, are you a thing of the past. Yeah, I've let go, but I would welcome you back. Funny how we forget how we acted back then. Look how much we've changed, still a lot is the same. You would have me believe that you're out of my league. Well I guess that's true, I've got some sinking to do. I will leave it to fate, won't try to see you again. If by chance that I do, let's start where we began.
Track Name: Out To Dry
I'm out of steam. I'm out of things to say. I feel so stuck. Will I ever catch a break? I'll hold my breath. The last thing I'll ever give up. When I meet death I don't want any regrets. Time flows on. I am still. Standing there. In the stream. What can I do to make this life seem worthwhile? The answer's always out of reach. When can I be content with where I'm at? And not have to fight for happiness. I'm out of luck. I need a reason to smile. My tired eyes see between the lines. And every word gets twisted in my head. Hang me out to dry, it'll start to rain. Watch the clock. Hear it tick. Moments gone forever.